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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is an ABA approved machine language which is made up of characters produced by a unique font and an ink or toner that is magnetized. In the past, only specialty printers with expensive equipment were able to generate MICR documentation. However, with today's technology, machine-readable customized checks and/or coupons can be generated by utilizing off-the-shelf check writing software, a laser printer, and NER MICR toner cartridges.

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NER PN Description
 7-2110 Hewlett Packard 2100
MICR Cartridge
 7-7121 Hewlett Packard 1200
MICR Cartridge
 7-5110 Hewlett Packard Series II/ IID III/ IIID (SX Engine)
MICR EP-S Cartridge
 7-4310 Xerox 4517
MICR Cartridge
 7-5310 Hewlett Packard IIISi/ 4Si/ 4MX (NX Engine)
MICR EP-N Cartridge (Generic Label)
 7-5330 IBM 4019/ 4028/ 4029
MICR Cartridge
 7-5340 IBM 4019/ 4028/ 4029
High Yield MICR Cartridge
 7-5350 IBM 4039/ 3916
MICR Cartridge
 7-5360 IBM 4039/ 3916
Marathon MICR Cartridge
 7-5370 IBM 4049 Optra/ Optra LX/ Optra R
MICR Cartridge
 7-5380 IBM 4049 Optra/ Optra LX/ Optra R
Marathon MICR Cartridge
 7-5810 Hewlett Packard 4/ 4M 5/ 5M/ 5N (EX Engine)
MICR EP-E Cartridge (Generic Label)
 7-7410 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000 Series
MICR Extended Yield Cartridge
 7-7750 Lexmark Optra-S
MICR Extended Yield Cartridge
 7-7910 Hewlett Packard 5Si/ 8000 Series/ IBM Network 24 (WX Engine)
MICR Cartridge
 7-8110 Hewlett Packard 8100
MICR High Yield Cartridge


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